Why Ravyn’s Haven?

During an art therapy session with a prior trauma-informed therapist, I was told to draw my own personal haven that I can visualize and “go to” anytime I need to feel safe (it had a lot of towering pine trees and rolling hills). Suddenly, I realized that the name I chose for myself (Ravyn) rhymed with the word “haven,” so I called it Ravyn’s Haven. My therapist and I really got a kick out of that! Seeing as my aim to is make this a safe space for myself and anyone who visits, it felt fitting to name this site Ravyn’s Haven as well. May my haven also be yours. :)

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Subscribing gives you full access to my blog, so you never miss an update. Both free and paid subscriptions give you access to all public posts and the ability to comment on/‘like’ them. A paid subscription also includes paid-subscriber-only content and a poetic collage created by yours truly. Free or paid, you would also be helping me continue doing what I love doing most: writing! It may be spooky season, but I prefer my poetry to not be caked in cobwebs. Being “read” in and of itself is healing. 💛🤍💜🖤

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I mainly share poetry and prose about my lived experiences as a Nonbinary, Neurodivergent, and Eurasian person. By being real with myself, I invite you to be real with yourself. This e-haven is a space of vulnerability and authenticity.


Ravyn (they/them)

Just a Nonbinary, Neurodivergent (AuDHD+), and Eurasian (🇬🇷🇹🇷) poet & mystic being boldly themself. This is my safe space, and I hope it can be yours too. 🏳️‍🌈